Transcaucasian Distribution Company uses its distributors as main means of connection with the market, however in some cases direct relations with the customers do take place.

TDC is a regional representative of world’s leader brands. Working on large quantities makes the company available to get to economies of scale. At the same time the Geopolitical situation of Georgia lets the suppliers of the company optimize the costs and thus minimize the prices of supplied products.

The main goal and objective of our team is to minimize the lead time and tailor all the term to the needs of our customers. The stocks we hold at our warehouse is determined to manage timely supply of our clients and partner. Each memeber of our staff does his best to avoid unplanned problems caused by delays in supply.

Technical manager of TDC is ready to answer all your enqueries and questions connected with our products, give you professional advices any time suitable to you. Moreover, he is ready to study the problem and provide needed assistance on-site if the needs arise.

You can contact our B2B sale manager using the contact form or contact informations given on our web-page. He is ready to process your enquiry, create a supply map suitable for you and help you with your stock management.

Transcaucasian Distribution Company


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