Parameters and Description
LANDIRENZO OMEGAS PLUS multipoint sequential injection system represents a new generation of bifuel (gasoline – CNG) CNG conversion system.

The principle used by the CNG ECU to calculate the injection timing applied to the CNG injectors, is based on the acquisition of the gasoline injection timing by CNG ECU during CNG mode.
The engine management is, therefore, mainly left to the gasoline ECU whilst the CNG control unit translates gasoline actuations into an appropriate control for CNG injectors.

In order to maintain the coherence with the gasoline system, the CNG ECU drives CNG injectors in the same sequence as gasoline injectors.
CNG Ecu through model based software strategies is able to transform gasoline injection timing into CNG injection timing reconstructing an appropriate calculation chain optimized for CNG.

LANDIRENZO OMEGAS PLUS can use different types of injectors according to the specifications of the application.
LANDIRENZO OMEGAS PLUS is minimally invasive with respect to the original gasoline engine management system.

It is able to be easily integrated with the main engine management functions as mixture control, cut off, EGR, purge canister, etc and auxiliaries engine management functions as air-conditioning, power-steering, electric loads, etc..
The CNG ECU is able to calculate CNG injection timing using specific information as CNG injector rail pressure, CNG temperature, engine coolant temperature, engine RPM and battery voltage, in addition to the inputs of the gasoline ECU.

Completely self calibrating using model based algorithms

  • Remote assistance for calibrating the ECU
  • Complete diagnosis of “gas” components and sensors
  • Spark advance optimization: software strategies and hardware included in the ECU
  • Suitable for the most stringent emission standards ( ≥ Euro 4)
  • Compatible with OBD (on board diagnostic) of the original petrol ECU