Established in 1972, Faber Industrie has grown rapidly to become the leader in the production of seamless steel and composite cylinders for the storage of high-pressure gases. All over the world Faber has earned the best reputation for its high standards of quality and for its capability to comply with the most stringent specifications set down by International Bodies and Local Authorities.

complete range of cylinders, from 1 to 200 litres of water capacity, four modern factories and a devotion to quality and flexibility make Faber the real global supplier of high-pressure cylinders in the five continents. Faber has four plants located in the North East of Italy, with a total floor space of 70.000 sm. More than 900.000 cylinders are manufactured every year. Also with its high production capacity of quality cylinders Faber is seen as the industry leader in the supply of high-pressure cylinders.

All the factories are regularly inspected and audited according to the demands of the pertinent Safety Authorities, multinational gas companies and vehicle manufacturers. All the factories are rigorously measured and managed as an ongoing component of Faber’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Faber has produced more than 4 million cylinders specifically designed for NGV applications. Most of them are still in service after more than twenty years in more than forty countries all over the world.

Motor companies involved in the production of OEM Natural Gas Vehicles appreciate Faber willingness and ability to comply with the strictest safety regulations and with all the specific requirements for accuracy in cylinders dimensions. Faber’s cylinders are also highly appreciated by those companies involved in the conversion of vehicles to CNG for having the most complete range of sizes and approvals.

Standards and regulations of all countries require the name of the manufacturer, or its code, or its symbol, to be stamped on the dome of the cylinders.

  • All the cylinders (and the accumulator shells) produced by Faber Industrie Spa are stamped FABER.
  • Only in US they are stamped M8303 which is the DOT code for Faber.
  • Next time you purchase a cylinder look for FABER stamp on it (or for its code). If you do not purchase cylinders but you work with them or you use them for leisure or maybe for health care applications, you too should become familiar with FABER stamping on the cylinders.

Looking after and maintaining well a cylinder stamped FABER will bring you many years of use safely.

During production all the cylinders are subject to:

  • Hardness test
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Hydraulic (proof and volumetric expansion) testsი
  • Leak test on spun cylinders
  • Check of the critical dimensions and of the threads
  • Check of the marking
  • Check of the specified internal and external surface finish
  • Flawed cylinders burst-test