Founded in 2010, Transcaucasian Distribution Company has been acknowledged as a Shell Lubricants Macro Distribution in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan since the day of establishment.
The aim of the company is to offer highest quality products of premium brands to the regional market and facilitate the development of relevant fields in the countries.
Shell, LandiRenzo, SAFE, Flashlube, Faber, Energizer – tight relations with the world’s largest manufacturers give us the ability to share their experience and use it in relations with our customers, for their own sake. The professionalism accumulated inside those organizations largely affects the raise of the qualification of our staff. This eventually becomes the reason for consistent growth and development of our company.

Transcaucasian Distribution Company works hardly on the professional development of its staff members. Our suppliers provide permanent trainings for them, in order to make sure that each step taken by TDC staff corresponds to international standards. To further help the development of particular fields, trainings are held for different representatives of various industries.

TDC supports open and honest competition. Honesty is at the core of our job and this principle is strongly followed every time we communicate with customers, distributors or suppliers.

The most important thing for TDC is the formation and retaining of business relations, mutual trust and respect. For this reason, we do our best to make each step so that it would only be in favor of log lasting relations with every stakeholder of the company.

In today’s world it is critical to be concerned about the environment.  TDC fully identifies the Environmental Responsibility and therefore does its best to help the Georgian environment by introducing CNG systems to the market, which have significant positive ecological as well as economical effect. Noteworthy is that, the main advantage of Flashlube additives is the eco-friendly nature of the later. Flashlube contains no single component, which may be potentially dangerous for the environment.

Shell Lubricants

TDC works with companies in various industries, providing them with the highest quality lubricants, produced by global market leader – Shell. TDC is appointed as a Macro Distributor of Shell Lubricants in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Shell’s portfolio of lubricant brands for the region includes Shell Helix, Shell Rimula, Shell Tellus, Shell Spirax etc. Shell has leading lubricants research centers in Germany, Japan (joint venture with Showa Shell), UK, and the USA. Shell Lubricants has topped the list of the world’s leading lubricants suppliers for the fifth year running, according to new research into the global lubricants market, conducted by KLINE&COMPANY (worldwide independent research company).

Landiranzo CNG systems

TDC distributes CNG cylinders and CNG automobile systems in Georgia. The systems are produced by a giant of CNG and LPG systems production LandiRenzo. The later holds 46% share on world CNG market.

Faber CNG cylinders

CNG cylinders are produced by World Market Leader, ISO certified company Faber. Faber is best known for its most safe and lightweight cylinders in the world.

Energizer car batteries

Energizer is a well know car batteries manufacturer. Recently the brand was acquired by Jonson Controls – an industry leader in the whole world. After some major changes, Energizer car batteries have become even more secure and of much higher quality.

Flashlub fuel additives

TDC is a representative of famous Australian producer Flashlube, fuel additives of which are designed for different types of engines working on various types of fuel and which are essential for taking care of your engine.